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The Next Generation Project

Much of the media still sends the message that nurses are just low-skilled physician helpers. But we can change that. Nurses must present the case to children that the work nurses do is highly skilled, self-directed, and heroic — that nurses save lives and make the world a better place. Nurses must balance the distorted ideas that kids receive about who really matters in health care. We need media that paints nurses as (flawed) three-dimensional figures who use their scientific knowledge, courage, and compassion to protect their patients and the community, even if that means standing up to formidable forces.

Street art posters project

Many students think about nurses in terms of the stereotypes they see in the media. We have created a series of "street art" style posters that address these stereotypes for anyone to download, print, distribute and hang. We are planning even more. Please let us know your ideas for posters at

Our Be a Nurse booklet

We have created an online booklet of information directed at career seekers. Please distribute widely to guidance counselors and young people everywhere. Please also help us keep it up-to-date or make suggestions for improvement by emailing us at

Other media

More to come.

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