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The Hospital Executives Project

Social and media forces are so powerful that even people who work with nurses, including hospital executives, may fail to understand nurses' value. Nurses must build a comprehensive, research-based case showing that when they have adequate funding and other support from their institutions, patients are more likely to survive and thrive, and nurses themselves are more like to stay in their positions. All of that helps keep hospitals within their budgets. When nurses are valued and supported, everyone wins.

Nurses not offered a seat at the table and nurses don't seek a seat at the table. Click here for solutions.

Public relations people don't promote nurses, thinking that only physicias matter so only physicians get promoted.

Nurses seen as a cost to but cut rather than the reason that hospitals exist.

Nurses fear speaking to the media

Nurses threatened not to speak to the media

Hospital executives undervalue nursing, so they are treated poorly in terms of short-staffing and lack of investment into the profession

The Hospital Executives DVD project

We would like to create a DVD to educate hospital managers on what nursing is and explain the value of the profession, with the goal of increasing institutional support for nursing. Please send us your interest in pursuing this project with us and your ideas for inclusion in the DVD by emailing us at

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