Casting Director, TLC's Mind Your Manners

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New York, NY 10016


May 29, 2007


Dear [Casting Director]:


I was taken aback by your request that the New York State Nurses Association recommend “rude, crude, and obnoxious nurses” for the new reality show, “Mind Your Manners.”


I understand that you are seeking cast members at this point, but featuring a nurse on this show would be a disservice to nurses everywhere. Furthermore, a nurse who behaved this way would be an ineffective nurse and probably not very long in the profession. In addition to clinical knowledge and skill, a registered nurse must respect, connect with, and care for people. It’s a big part of the job.


Please abandon your efforts to put a nurse on this show. It would brand the individual as an inadequate nurse, and also would reinforce the “Nurse Ratched” stereotype that we have been fighting for decades. For more information on nurse stereotypes in the media, visit


Needless to say, we will not assist you in finding crude, obnoxious nurses. We will be notifying other nursing organizations of this ill-advised storyline. And, if the future show does feature a nurse, we will urge all RNs to boycott it.




Tina Gerardi, RN

Interim Chief Executive Officer

New York State Nurses Association

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