WeĠre Looking for the Rudest, Crudest,

Loudest & Most Obnoxious Nurses Around!


Do you burp at the dinner table? Fart in public? Party too hard? Swear too much? Say dumb things? Get called a jerk? Embarrass your friends? Are you, or is someone you know, rude & crude, loud & obnoxious, immature and generally inappropriate in public?


If youĠre currently unfit for proper social settings, we want to put you on TV!


City Lights TV is now casting MIND YOUR MANNERS, a new primetime Learning Channel series that will smooth out all, most or some of your rough edges! WeĠll introduce you to our Manners Experts who will strip away your bad manners & nasty habits and help (or force!) you to go from jerk to gentleman & from gross to gracious. Good manners will help you get the job, get the girl, make a good impression, not be embarrassed, etc.

If you want/need to learn how to act and what to do in any social setting, email us at mannerscasting@citylightstv.com. Tell us your name, phone number, a few examples of how rude you can be and a reason why you would want to be on the show. Please also include a picture of yourself. You can also fill out the online application at http://casting.citylightstv.com.


Refer a friend, family member or coworker! Know someone who needs a lesson in manners? Apply on their behalf and weĠll contact them. (If you donĠt want the person to know that you recommended them, please type ANONYMOUS somewhere in your referral email and weĠll leave your name out of it.)