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The Truth About Nursing is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The IRS considers contributions to be charitable, and they are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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The Truth is supported by three major means:

  • Volunteer labor. Our executive director and senior advisor donate all their time to the Truth;
  • Member donations. Please support us by becoming a member;
  • Speaking engagements. Please invite Sandy Summers to give a speaking engagement at your next event;
  • If you happen to shop at Amazon, please shop on the company's "Smile" website where you can designate a non-profit to receive 0.5% of the purchase price in donations. We would be grateful if you would designate The Truth About Nursing as the recipient of your donations. Thank you!

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Nursing: Isn't that Sweet?!

The new Truth movie has everything...Sexual content! Raw insults! And odd, computer-generated voices! Watch now!

Wendy and JimCheck out the Truth's movie "Nursing: Isn't That Sweet?!" It's all about what happens when nurse Wendy encounters her old high school classmate Jim at a restaurant, many years later--after the two have taken their lives in very different directions! Can Wendy and Jim make a new connection? Or will things get a little ugly? Made using xtranormal software for Halloween 2011, the short video explores some chilling stereotypes that still infect public understanding of nursing. And for a different take on nursing stereotypes, check out the Truth's classic 2005 report "Nursing: Who Knew?" about a groundbreaking study in which leading researchers discover nurses' real contributions for the first time! See the video! Or if you can't access YouTube at your workplace, click here to see the video on our site. Thank you!

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