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Philadelphia Chapter of The Truth About Nursing

Downtown PhiladelphiaWelcome to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Chapter!


Please see our Chapter Mission page to see some of the activities we are encouraging our chapters to work on at meetings.

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We will be coordinating much of our activity on our Philadelphia chapter Facebook page. Please join us here.


We encourage members to get together iwherever they find convenient. Ideal location would be a school cafeteria, cafe, meeting room or someone's home. It would be best if there was wireless internet access so members could send letters from and access the Truth's website. But this is not necessary.


We have named Noah Redstone Brophy, RN, MS, SANE, as the interim president of the Philadelphia chapter. Please contact him at the email address below to discuss when and where chapter meetings will be held.

Members--our chapters will essentially be member-run organizations. As you may know, the Truth is largely run on volunteer labor with only a skeleton staff at the main office. So we really need our Chapters to coordinate and facilitate as many of the chapter events as possible such as organizing the time and place of meetings, and working together to work on the Truth's Chapter missions.

When Chapter members decide on meeting places and times, please let us know the details and we will post them here on our website. Thank you.


Chapter members outside the U.S. may become donating members of the Truth at their discretion. If Philadelphia members plan local activities requiring funding, they would have to be funded by local chapter members or sponsors found by local chapter members. Thank you.

Established October 10, 2011